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Paintings, souvenirs

If nature is close to you and you want to decorate your home with a unique, artistic creation, you are in the best place.

And choosing from souvenirs made with meticulous work and heart and soul, you can find quality, unique creations, with which you can make any occasion unforgettable for the celebrated.

Choose from paintings and souvenirs in stock or available to order, or order a work of your own design.

László Enikő vadászati alkotások - vadászház design olajfestménnyel
László Enikő ( FestEni )

László Enikő, painter

I paint hunting themed pictures on different materials

My goal is to take the beauty of nature into as many homes as possible with my landscapes and hunting paintings.

..If I can conjure a little intoxication into the soul of myself and another person with my creation, I no longer lived and created in vain. Each of my creations is to me like having my own child and giving me a little piece of myself .. because it can be one of the senses of being to leave something here to give memories and joy to others …

My creations


László Enikő vadászati alkotások üvegpoharak őzzel és muflonnal


László Enikő vadászati alkotások - festett porcelánok


László Enikő vadászati alkotások festett fa


László Enikő vadászati alkotások szarvascsalád agancson

„In my opinion, a wonderful woman who paints beautifully and is very creative. She has super ideas. The painting I ordered from her was a perfect success …. impeccable work … Fast delivery. So I highly recommend it to everyone! Congratulations artist!”

Nyesev Jordánné

László Enikő vadászati alkotások mécses

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